Crossover: Promoting School Success through Sport

MISSION: To develop an innovative empowerment program for students using Sport and Physical Activity (SPA) as a tool to develop skills and key competences with a strong focus on personal, social ad learning to learn competence, promoting school success, promoting social inclusion and preventing Early School Leaving (ESL). Based on a preliminary research, we will create CROSSOVER program through SPA, targeting students aged 12-14, tackling 3 dimensions:

1) Development of personal, social and learning to learn competences such as self-awareness, self efficacy, confidence, motivation, resilience, behaviour management, self-determination, communication, cooperation, conflict management, among others;
2) Exploring cultural awareness and expression competences, fostering intercultural dialogue, diversity and social inclusion;
3) Connecting the dots: using competencies learned through sport in school and life.

1. To share knowledge and good practices between partners to develop an innovative approach, using SPA as a tool to develop key competences;
2. To design and test an innovative empowerment program – CROSSOVER using SPA to develop key skills and competences to promote school success, foster social inclusion and contribute to prevent ESL;
3. To conduct a correlational and case study to validate CROSSOVER program.