22nd – 31st of May 2018

Buzau, Romania

Youth Exchange

42 young people from art related sectors met to prove that their profession can be economically valuable for themselves and other segments!

In May 2018, the project  called ” ARTepreneurship -access of young artists in labor market and business world ! ”  took place in City of Buzau in Romania: and the village Sarata Monteoru connected to Buzau. 42 young people from Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Macedonia got together  to work on their entrepreneurship skills. The most common questions was – how to earn as an artist? The projects were perfectly adjust to help finding answers to this main question. This great inter-cultural group, in only 10 days has created 7 great businesses plans ready to be implemented in the market along with logos, promotional materials, slogans and advertising videos. Within those 10 days participants made several land art pieces in the woods, each telling different and amazing stories. Within the same 10 days youngsters created inspiring stage performance containing: dance, music and poetry, but also eco-exhibition from reusable materials, plenty of sculptures, drawings, posters and upcycled art but what’s most important is youth created impressive connections and lifelong lasting friendships.

10 days, full of joy, creativity and fun but also hard work, commitment and sometimes even tears. What is left behind is the memory of great time spent together. The project was precious as well as great lesson of being able to bring light to business world with art and ability to create unique working skills. PlanBe was an official partner of this incredible project and you are more than welcome to get in touch with our team to learn more about Arterpreneurship in Romania or any other upcoming actions! *Youth Exchange was founded by Erasmus+ and organized by As. Hair Redivivus Buzau