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#GoGreen – Youth Navigator

#GoGreen – Youth Navigator About the project: #GoGreen – Youth Navigator will bridge 2 programme objectives– to support awareness raising on the environmental and climate goals and taking up innovative practices in a digital era. The project’s main aim thereafter is to contribute to the just and inclusive transition to sustainable […]


(4)EVERGREEN: Finding the Environmental Value in Education Response:  Global Responsibility & Eco Erasmus Navigator The Erasmus+ youth project (4)EVERGREEN is an initiative that focuses on promoting sustainable living and learning among young people. The project aims to empower young individuals to develop a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and make conscious […]

Art Escape

Art Escape Project What is this project about? Youth work and non-formal learning can enhance young people’s creativity and innovation, through experimental nature, participatory approaches, and peer learning in times of pandemic and beyond. This project is about using the educational potential of Outdoor Escape Rooms with the theme of […]


Erasmus + projects encourage young people and youth workers to learn and grow personally and professionally.  Because of its emphasis on international mobility, the projects seem to have a  large carbon footprint.  All partners of this project are long-term Erasmus + participants.  For many years, we have observed our organizations, as well as the many other organizations and their enthusiastic young people, traveling for youth exchanges, training, and other international projects. Most of the time, the trip includes air travel (CO2 emissions) massive amounts of plastic bags used in packaging, unused food, plastic bottles, and quite other products that generate a huge amount of waste.  Aim of the project:  This project aims to communicate to young people and youth workers the importance of reconsidering our environmental habits by spreading awareness of the environmental impact that is generated because of our actions. This KA2 project aspires to create a website called GREENDEX which will […]


TeamUP! 19-29 January 2024 Gouvy&Antwerpen, Belgium Training Course The “TeamUP!” project, the experience was genuinely transformative. The setting, transitioning from the serene countryside of Gouvy to the bustling energy of Antwerp, provided a diverse backdrop for our activities. The core of the training which was developing and facilitating educational game, […]


Partymonio 21-30 October 2023 Huesca, Spain Youth Exchange Being part of the Erasmus+ youth exchange “Partymonio” in Spain was a unique experience! We had the opportunity to learn loads of interesting information about different cultures through art – did you know that art can tell stories from all over? We […]


Oranges 08-15 November 2023 Avola, Sicily, Italy Youth Exchange 🍊 Our Youth Exchange project in rural Sicily was a green journey towards a sustainable future. Aligned with the European Green Deal, we immersed ourselves in orange groves, cultivated skills, and made lifelong memories. 🤝 Joining hands from diverse cities, we […]

Let's talk about talking

Let’s talk about talking 21-29 August 2023 Jastrzębia góra, Poland Youth Exchange   Just wrapped up an unforgettable Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Jastrzębia Góra, Poland! Our hearts are full, and our memories are bursting with incredible experiences. Connecting with amazing souls from around the world, we forged bonds that will […]

Discover yourself for wellbeing

Discover yourself for wellbeing 03-11th September 2023 Świętouść, Poland Youth Exchange   During the project Youth exchange “Discover yourself for well-being” we did a lot of activities regarding the topic, we shared ideas to improve the mental health in our countries, and we had also many games and energizers to […]

Strengthening Youth Workers through First Aid

Strengthening Youth Workers through First Aid On the bright morning of November 3, 2023, our NGO’s office premises in Kokkinotrimithia, witnessed a remarkable event – the First Aid Seminar for Youth Workers. Facilitated by the esteemed St. John Association Cyprus and funded by the Youth Initiatives of the Youth Board […]

SustainABLE living 4 YOUth

SustainABLE living 4 YOUth Youth Exchange Pedoulas, Cyprus 8-15 October 2023   About the project:  “SustainABLE living 4 YOUth” was an inspiring and transformative youth exchange initiative that embarked on a journey towards a more sustainable future. 6 Countries (Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Lithuania) participated in this project with the total of […]

Our rural Future | Italy

Our rural future 17/06-24/06/2023 Sardinia, Italy Youth Exchange   Nowadays, it’s a very common thing for people to move to cities. Therefore, the project that we participated in “Our Rural Future” is vital in the world that we live in today. First of all, we learnt the advantages that people […]

Nurture our Nature | Ganløse, Denmark

17 -25.05.2023 Ganløse, Denmark Training course     Still speechless and feeling so grateful for the unforgettable memories made during the past week after this training course in Denmark. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who made this experience possible, especially the new friends, which made this […]

Train the Trainers Program

Digital Entrepreneurship for Youth Educational Program – Going Digital Train the Trainers Program We are delighted to introduce the Digital Entrepreneurship Program Guide, a comprehensive resource designed to equip aspiring young individuals with the knowledge and courage to embark upon their digital entrepreneurship careers. Developed as part of our Erasmus+ […]

Local Lab | Art in Action

(4)EVERGREEN Local Lab Art in Action   In a powerful culmination of the (4)evergreen project, PlanBe organization, under the Erasmus+ KA2 program, organized the final local eco-lab workshop. This inspiring event brought together young participants for a meaningful clean-up activity, followed by the creation of a stunning mural using the […]

Local Lab | Badge Greenery

(4)EVERGREEN Local Lab Badge Greenery   Continuing its mission of youth empowerment and sustainable living, PlanBe organisation through the (4)EVERGREEN project, and under the Erasmus+ KA2 program, proudly presents its third local eco-lab workshop. This engaging event revolved around the importance of composting, educating young participants on its significance and […]

Local Lab | Beautifying the Environment

(4)EVERGREEN Local Lab Beautifying the Environment   In its relentless pursuit of empowering youth and fostering sustainable living, PlanBe organisation through the (4)evergreen project, under the Erasmus+ KA2 program, recently unveiled its second local eco-lab. This engaging workshop centred around the creation of seed bombs, offering young participants a unique […]

Local Lab | DIY Natural Deodorant

(4)EVERGREEN Local Lab DIY Natural Deodorant   In the spirit of fostering sustainability and environmental awareness, the (4)evergreen project, as part of the Erasmus+ KA2 program, launched its local eco-lab. The inaugural event of this eco-lab featured a DIY natural deodorant workshop, providing participants with an opportunity to delve into […]

Greendex Training and First Erasmus+ forest

Inaugurating the first Erasmus+ Forest in Amarante, Portugal From March 13th to 18th, 2023, Amarante, Portugal was the vibrant host of our groundbreaking training course titled ‘Zero Waste,’ as part of the esteemed Greendex KA2 project. The picturesque Casa da Juventude de Amarante served as the ideal setting for this […]

Introducing Greendex Website

Greendex: Promoting Sustainability in Erasmus+ Projects   Erasmus+ projects have long been recognized for their contributions to the learning and personal development of young people and youth workers. However, the program’s focus on international mobility has raised concerns about its carbon footprint. That’s where Greendex comes in, an innovative Erasmus+ […]

Trade Cherry

Trade Cherry  Youth Exchange Pedoulas, Cyprus 5-13/06/2023 About the project:  “Trade Cherry” is a youth exchange that happened in Cyprus, at Pedoulas village from 05/06/2023 until 13/06/2023. The project involved 43 young participants from Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia and Portugal and was primarily oriented to youth at risk […]

Belonging to Nature: the Heart of Wellbeing

Belonging to Nature: the Heart of Wellbeing   Introducing Our Project Discover our exciting initiative that aims to foster the well-being of young people by connecting them with nature. In collaboration with our esteemed partners, we are embarking on a journey to empower youth workers and organizations to create meaningful […]

It's All Green to me

It’s All Green to me 3-10 May 2023 Training course Pedoulas, Cyprus   This training course aimed for Youth Workers to gain knowledge in eco practices, environmental sustainability, and green management. They learnt about civic and governmental initiatives in the environmental field. They acquired knowledge in the entrepreneurship field and […]