Be an Entrepreneur and Create

6th– 11th  August 2018

Leszno, Poland

Training Course

 The name of the training course was ‘’Be an Entrepreneur and Create’’, hosted by Fundacja Arena I Swiat at the city of Leszno, Poland between 6th– 11th of August 2018.

Two weeks before our great adventure begins I first met the 2 other participants who together we were going to represent Cyprus. The following week, we met again but this time we also met the President of the NGO PlanBe, Plan it Be it Mrs. Maria Drakou who chose us to be part of this wonderful experience!

The day of our departure has finally arrive and after a long day of travelling we finally arrived at Leszno. We were welcomed warmly by Mara, who was an amazing organizer responsible for our Training Course. At the welcoming dinner and during the rest of the night we encountered the rest of the participants from 8 more countries: Lithuania, Romania, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Estonia. Since the very first day we felt connected with the team and our incredible trainers Marta and Pavel.

The main aim of the training course was to promote entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial attitude combined and enhanced by creativity. It was astonishing to find out how many ideas can be created and rise up at no cost, using recycling materials that can be found all around us. During the 4th day of the training we were surprised and at the same time excited to participate in an entrepreneurial fair in order to find out how to build a business from scratch and test it in real world while having fun! It was a fantastic and simultaneously an educational event that revealed us that incredible and successful entrepreneurial ideas can be launched without money!


Furthermore, the venue was excellent with plenty of spaces to hang out with our new friends, enjoy a number of energizers and we were in walking distance from the city center to spend our free evenings at local cafes. One of our evening was dedicated to the Intercultural event, where each and every one of us had the opportunity to learn and taste about each other’s social, business and food culture.

It was a memorable and awesome experience worth remembering and repeating!

Thank you Fundacja Arena I Swiat, PlanBe, Plan it Be it and European Commission for this opportunity!