Career in Action III

04th-14th of March 2022

Kannavia Village, Cyprus

Youth Exchange




About The Project

In the context of the ongoing financial crisis high rate of youth unemployment, the project aims to familiarize the youth with existing professions, share experiences and practices in each country on the respective professions presented, and help them understand their importance, as well as develop related skills through non-formal education. The main aim of this project is the personal and professional development of youth.

Analytically the objectives of this project are:
– the enhancement of knowledge of young people living in remote areas or facing economical or social obstacles, around professions and skills, so as to bridge the gap between existing professions and skills
– the communication of information based on the project, that shall lead to career guidance for young people towards existing professions
– to develop youth digital skills by creating a video on career development
– to increase innovation, research and development
– to promote the knowledge and information regarding which jobs are suitable to young people according to their personality
– to enhance the career guidance provided to young people who want to change or invest to their career


Participants Profile

The project will focus on youth. Young people up to 30 years old from

  • Cyprus
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal

5 participants 18-30 Years old
1 Team Leader 30+ Years old

Priority will be given to young people with fewer opportunities mainly cause they face economical, social, geographical obstacles and/or educational difficulties, refugees, migrants and asylum seekers


What we Offer

-Accommodation and Food for the period of the Youth Exchange are funded by Erasmus+

-Traveling Reimbursement as follows :

  • Cyprus | 20euro
  • Italy | 360 euro
  • Spain | 530 euro
  • Hungary | 275 euro
  • Poland | 275 euro
  • Lithuania | 360 euro
  • Portugal | 530 euro


How to Apply :

Fill out the Application Form 

or contact us at





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