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Green Fly

Green Fly Youth Exchange Pedoulas, Cyprus 23 October – 01 November 2023 About the project:  Project Green Fly focuses on nature connectedness, mental wellbeing, active participation in the local community and learning reflections. This project has two parts. The first part was implemented in August 2023 in Slovenia, while the […]

SustainABLE living 4 YOUth

SustainABLE living 4 YOUth Youth Exchange Pedoulas, Cyprus 8-15 October 2023   About the project:  “SustainABLE living 4 YOUth” was an inspiring and transformative youth exchange initiative that embarked on a journey towards a more sustainable future. 6 Countries (Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Lithuania) participated in this project with the total of […]

Trade Cherry

Trade Cherry  Youth Exchange Pedoulas, Cyprus 5-13/06/2023 About the project:  “Trade Cherry” is a youth exchange that happened in Cyprus, at Pedoulas village from 05/06/2023 until 13/06/2023. The project involved 43 young participants from Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia and Portugal and was primarily oriented to youth at risk […]

It's All Green to me

It’s All Green to me 3-10 May 2023 Training course Pedoulas, Cyprus   This training course aimed for Youth Workers to gain knowledge in eco practices, environmental sustainability, and green management. They learnt about civic and governmental initiatives in the environmental field. They acquired knowledge in the entrepreneurship field and […]

UpCycling with YOUth

UpCycling with YOUth 27/03-05/04/2023 Youth Exchange Kannavia, Cyprus The youth exchange “Upcycling with YOUth “ is an educational and hands-on project regarding recycled materials and how to use them in a creative and artistic way in our daily life. The exchange took place in Kannavia village in the Nicosia district of […]

Trade Fabric

06- 16 of April 2022 Kannavia Village, Cyprus Youth Exchange   Trade Fabric is a youth exchange that was implemented from the 6th to 16th of April 2022, in Kannavia village, Cyprus. 31 participants from five different countries were involved in this project. Hungary, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, and Cyprus came […]

Career in Action III

04th-14th of March 2022 Kannavia Village, Cyprus Youth Exchange       About The Project In the context of the ongoing financial crisis high rate of youth unemployment, the project aims to familiarize the youth with existing professions, share experiences and practices in each country on the respective professions presented, and help […]

CrossOver | Training in Cyprus

  About The project To develop an innovative empowerment program for students using Sport and Physical Activity (SPA) as a tool to develop skills and key competences with a strong focus on personal, social ad learning to learn competence, promoting school success, promoting social inclusion and preventing Early School Leaving […]

YES | Training in Cyprus


Career In Action-Part II

8th – 16th December 2018 Kannavia Village, Cyprus Youth Exchange   Project Summary The project “Career in Action II” took  place in Nicosia District through the period 8-16/12/2018, involving 42 participants coming from Cyprus, Austria, Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece and Portugal. In the context of the ongoing financial crisis high rate […]

Trade Olive

16th-25th  of November 2018 Kannavia, Cyprus Youth Exchange     “Trade Olive” is a youth exchange that took place in Cyprus, in Nicosia district on 16/11/2018 until 25/11/2018. The project involved 42 young participants from Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy and is primarily oriented to youth in risk of unemployment […]

Cultural Heritage in YOUth

23rd August  – 2nd September 2018 Kampos Village, Cyprus Youth Exchange     Project Summary ‘Cultural Heritage in YOUth’ its a project which bring together 42 participants from 7 countries Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Italy,Spain, Poland and Cyprus. The youth exchange ”Cultural Heritage in YOUth” will address the topics of social […]

Hugs 4 All

11th​ ​–​ ​19th​ ​of​ ​February​ ​2018 Limassol, Cyprus Training Course Project Summary The training course Hugs 4 All  addressed the topics of social inclusion and anti-discrimination. This being the main theme of our project reflected the needs of multiple European societies since all of them, due to different reasons, face […]

CIA – Career In Action

7th until 17th of December 2017 Kannavia village, Nicosia District, Cyprus Youth Exchange Project Summary The youth exchange ‘Career In Action’ was an international project under the Erasmus+. The project focused on career guidance of 42 unemployed young people or people that want to change their career direction, coming from Italy, Greece, Portugal, […]

Milestone no28: Volunteering

30th of August until 8th of September 2017 Kampos village, Cyprus PROJECT SUMMARY The main aim of this youth exchange was to inspire volunteering spirit among youth and to guide 36 young people coming from Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland and Cyprus on designing and implementing a local voluntary […]

Dance your Culture

4th until 14th of May 2017 Kannavia village-Nicosia District -Cyprus Project Summary Intercultural understanding is important when we talk about Europe. By learning old traditions and cultures we become more aware of our own identity and the one we share with other (European) countries. This youth exchange explored the traditional […]

Connect The Dots

7th of March until 17th of March 2017 Limassol, Cyprus Summary The training course ”Connect The Dots”‘ will address the topics of social inclusion and antidiscrimination. This being the main theme of our project reflects the needs of multiple European societies since all of them, due to different reasons, face social […]

Trade Wood

“From TRADition to Employment: wood crafts” was a 10- day youth exchange project, funded by Erasmus+ and Youth Board of Cyprus, hosted by PlanBe, Plan it Be it. TraDe Wood took place in Kampos village in Cyprus mountains during the period 27th of June until 6th July 2016 gathering 36 […]