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Take the Stage

Take the Stage Erasmus+ Training Course 27/5-05/06/2016, Limassol,Cyprus The stage was at Limassol waiting for 24 different people from Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Hungary and Cyprus to be taken by them. One week full of memories, discussions, smiley faces, thoughtful faces, some disagreements and some more discussions! The main goal […]

Entrepreneurship On Your Way

An Erasmus+ mobility for youth workers project “Entrepreneurship on your way” took place in Nicosia,Cyprus on 18-24 of April 2016. 30 participants joined the project coming from Estonia, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania and Cyprus. The main aim of the project was to introduce youth entrepreneurship as a tool […]

Its in your D.N.A

“It’s in your D.N.A.(Development Needs Actions)”( project code:2015-2-CY02-KA105-000538) was an Erasmus+ youth exchange that will held in Nicosia district of Cyprus in 4-13 of March 2016 . The project gathered participants aged 18-30, mainly with fewer opportunities and especially with financial, geographical and social obstacles, coming from 6 different European […]

UpCycling Art

The most creative project took place in Kampos village in Cyprus from 21st to 31st of August 2015, gathering 36 participants from Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Romania, Portugal and Czech Republic. This youth exchange was funded by Erasmus + and it was aiming to increase environmental consciousness through the reuse of old […]


The training course “Re-Action” is made up of a collaboration between 10 NGOs representing Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania and Turkey (youth workers and youth with fewer opportunities). The project implemented in Cyprus- Larnaca, on 16th-23rd of November 2014. The principle target of “Re-Action” is to […]

TraDE Wine

“From TRADition to Employment: Wine products” (TRADE Wine) was a Youth E xchange Erasmus+ program, focusing on youth unemployment and creativity. It took place in Kambos, a small village in Nicosia, between 17th and 24th of October 2014 , and gathered 20 participants from Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, and Croatia. It aimed to explore possible ways of turning […]

TraDE from tradition to Employment

TradE was a Youth Exchange 1.1 funded by the European Youth in Action program, focusing on youth unemployment and creativity. It took place in Kampos, a small village in Nicosia district, on 27th of June until 6th of July 2014 with 27 participants from Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, and Spain . The project […]