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Walk in my Shoes GuideBook

The “Walk in My Shoes” guidebook is a product of an Erasmus+ training course held in Zagreb, Croatia, from November 29 to December 5, 2022, involving 30 youth workers from six European countries. This training, facilitated by Abraham Azzopardi and Margaret White, was aimed at enhancing skills and inclusivity among […]

Sustainability is my ability GuideBook

The “Sustainability is My Ability” guidebook, created as part of an Erasmus+ funded training course, offers a comprehensive overview of sustainability practices tailored for youth workers. Held in Oroslavje, Croatia, in June 2023, the training involved 30 participants from seven EU countries. The guidebook, developed by trainers Abraham Azzopardi and […]

Essence youth work and Disability GuideBook

“Understanding Disabilities: A Guide to Rights, Inclusion, and Support” is a publication resulting from the “Essence: Youth Work and Disability” training course, held in Oroslavje, Croatia, from January 14-21, 2023, and co-funded by the Erasmus+ program. The course, involving 30 youth workers and volunteers from seven EU countries, focused on […]

StartUp Spark! Dissemination event!

StartUp Spark! Dissemination event! 🚀 On April 9th, vibrant young minds came together for an interactive workshop about European opportunities based on the StartUp Spark! youth exchange that happened last March in Spain. From dynamic discussions to hands-on activities, it was a day filled with learning, growth, and inspiration. Here’s […]

Viseu Joven 2.0 | Maria G.

January 2020 Viseu, Portugal  120 Days ESC     A poem from the experience of the volunteer Maria Grigoriou : You think you have everything figured out when you wake up one day and realize that you have nothing, you know nothing, you don’t know who you are. Your mind […]