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Soft Skills, Hard workers

16th-23rd of November 2019 Tarnovo, Bulgaria Youth Exchange    On the 16th November 2019, 24 young people from 5 different European countries travelled to Bulgaria to participate in the Youth Exchange Soft Skills, Hard Workers. Participants from Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Italy and Bulgaria gathered together in Veliko Tarnovo to discover […]

Discover your path

07 – 15 of October 2019 Kaunas, Lithuania Youth Exchange         Discover your path, took place in the beautiful town Kaunas, Lithuania between 7 and 15 of October 2019.  Young people from Cyprus, Lithuania, Italy and Bulgaria gathered together in Kaunas to be part in this inspirational […]

Upcycle Your Life

06th-12th of October 219 Poronin, Poland Youth Exchange       As we were driving away from Krakow towards the mountains and Poronin, the landscape was changing. We were looking at vast forests and green fields. Hotels were looking like big houses, hard to distinguish one apart from the other. Then we […]

How to survive real life?

25th February 2019 – 2nd March  2019 Idrija, Slovenia Youth Exchange     Youth Exchange in Slovenia On the 25th February 32 young people from 5 different countries gathered in Idrija, Slovenia to complete the workshop titled: ‘How to survive real life’. Hosted in hostel Idrija, all the participants had […]

Seeds of Sustainability

21st-29th of May 2019 Puglia, Italy Youth Exchange     On the 1st of July, we have gathered the Seeds of Sustainability team to share and talk about the youth exchange we have participated in Gravina of Italy about sustainability. Our audience were youngsters from 13-17 years old and the […]

YoFest! 2019

YoFest! 2019 – Σκέψεις και ιδέες των συμμετεχόντων στο φεστιβάλ     Η εμπειρία στο Yo!fest ήταν μοναδική! Άτομα από όλη την Ευρώπη βρεθήκαμε στον χώρο του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου στις Βρυξέλλες για να παρακολουθήσουμε και να συμμετέχουμε σε συζητήσεις για την εκπαίδευση, την τεχνολογία, το μέλλον του Erasmus+ και την […]

Think Green, Live Green, Love Green

03rd – 10th of December 2018 Birmingham, United Kingdom Youth Exchange     During the youth exchange in Birmingham, titled “Think Green, Live Green, Love Green”, the Cyprus team part of  PlanBe, Plan it Be it!, had the opportunity to explore all kinds of environmental issues, focused on solutions that […]

SEE the Key

31st May – 6th  June Constanta, Romania Training Course   ‘SEE the key’ was a six-day training course organized by Asociatia Youth Vision and funded by Erasmus plus. The project took place in Constanta, Romania from 31st of May to 6th of June. The participating countries were Romania, Cyprus, Malta, […]


22nd – 31st of May 2018 Buzau, Romania Youth Exchange 42 young people from art related sectors met to prove that their profession can be economically valuable for themselves and other segments! In May 2018, the project  called ” ARTepreneurship -access of young artists in labor market and business world […]

Bring the Change

17th – 24th April 2018 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy Youth Exchange «Bring the Change» is a youth exchange project which involved 30 participants from Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Estonia, who met in Cagliari, Sardinia from 17th until 24th April 2018 to discuss how to struggle against racism, xenophobia and […]

Start it up – Young Entrepreneurs

30th of April – 06 of May 2018 Poronin, Poland  Youth Exchange  ‘Start it up – Young Entrepreneur’,  a 7-days Youth Exchange was organized by Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Regionalnych “SIR” (Regional Initiatives Association) and funded by Erasmus+. This project took place in Poronin, Poland between 30.04.-06.05.2018. The participating countries were Bulgaria, Cyprus, […]

Hear My Voice

2nd – 9th of May 2018 Šibenik, Croatia Youth Exchange   An eight day youth exchange, named “Hear My Voice”, was implemented in the City of  Šibenik, Croatia. This is the project within the Erasmus+ program, financed by the European Commission. The project involved five EU countries – Cyprus, Malta, […]

Active Citizens Together

11th -17th of April 2018 Bánk, Hungary Youth Exchange Young people from Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey and Hungary participated in the youth exchange Active Citizens Together between the 11th to 17th of April. The project took place in Bank, Hungary by the organization Együtt Ható and the Theater Creators . […]

Inspiring YOU(th)

10-21/7/2017 Beja, Portugal Youth Exchange   “Inspiring YOU(th)” Beja – Portugal   The youth exchange “Inspiring YOU(th)”   took place in Beja, Portugal between the 10th-21st of July, Implemented by the Portuguese organization Check-In and funded by Erasmus+ . The main aim of the project was to give youngsters the opportunity […]

Cigarette No tnx

15-22/07/2017 Thesalloniki, Greece Youth Exchange   The Youth Exchange ‘Cigarette? No thanks’, which has taken place in Thessaloniki, in the period of 15-22/07/2017, with 40 youngsters from Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Turkey and Romania, was aiming not only to spread information about the negative aspects of the smoking, but also […]