Connect The Dots

7th of March until 17th of March 2017
Limassol, Cyprus

The training course ”Connect The Dots”‘ will address the topics of social inclusion and antidiscrimination. This being the main theme of our project reflects the needs of multiple European societies since all of them, due to different reasons, face social exclusion. It will aim to develop among participants active expression of civic participation which will strengthen common European values such as solidarity, openness, understanding and liberty for combating poverty and marginalization through and in volunteering. ”Connect The dots” will be held in Limassol, Cyprus from 7th until 17th of March 2017. Through using non formal learning methods such as workshops, discussions, simulation games and forum theatre it will provide to participants the competencies, skills and knowledge about poverty, marginalization, sustainable peace, human rights, anti discrimination policies and social cohesion in order for them to take actions as multipliers for greater social and community involvement in thenframework of Erasmus+ Programme. The implementation of this project will result in higher level of awareness about the importance of social inclusion in the communities involved which will lead to greater effort in developing and implementing long term inclusion strategies, so we could all engage in making society where similarities are celebrated and differences are respected.

Working methods and preparation for project
The project is organized from and for young people. Our activities during the preparation,
implementation, evaluation and follow up phase ensure active participation of young people in each
stage of the project. We want the project to make a positive change in the life of young participants and
thus we value their reaction, opinion and feedback at every step of this project.
Participants Profile
The TC will gather 27 participants, including training team, that are coming from 8 different countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Poland.
The participants of this project are youth workers, youth leaders or multipliers that encounter in their work with youngsters that are facing issues exclusion or discrimination on any ground. Most of them are coming from deprived geographical, social or economical areas. Even though they have in working with young people in their local areas, because of their low access to information, new ideas and methods they cannot fully meet the need of their work. Since they have to constantly enhance their working performance, as well as develop according to society’s needs, we believe that it is highly
important to provide them knowledge, skills and methods needed for their personal and professional development. Also, we want to emphasize the need of networking that occurs in this kind of projects, since it is clear that it helps in developing youth work, which benefits both the participants of this project, as well as the youngsters they work with.


How to apply
Please FILL THE APPLICATION FORM until 30/01/2017: