"Cre-Activity'' | Groningen, the Netherlands


26/11/2022- 04/12/2022

Groningen, the Netherlands

Youth Exchange



This youth exchange was filled with people from multiple backgrounds from Cyprus, France, Croatia, Netherlands, Turkey, Italy and Poland who gladly shared their experiences in the project. Critical thinking, self-development, creative thinking, film, art and dance sessions were all included with the participants actively taking part in these interactive and interesting
sessions. Living in the village of Grollo, which was 45 minutes away from Groningen had its challenges but people showed teamwork and love towards this, taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings. A nice touch, although challenging and tiring at moments, was the fact that participants had to cook and clean for themselves as there was no one to prepare meals. This proved to be a nice bonding activity with Italian and Cypriot dishes stealing the show. By the end of the project, we all witnessed tears of both sadness and joy as another Erasmus+ chapter came to an end.