DIA-Dialogue in Adult Education

DiA is a cross sectoral project addressing the intersection of the key competences of Lifelong Learning through its methodology and partnership. By exploring the diversity of approaches of peace education such as peacebuilding, active citizenship, structured dialogue, and conflict resolution, social inclusion etc., our project will contribute to the development of educational methods teaching new skills leading to social innovation.

The main patterns of EU peacebuilding practices pursued in the Instrument for Stability (IfS). This instrument was conceived as the Commission’s response to the demands of the greater EU’s involvement in conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities, following the notion of increased governance. The approach of governance is underlined by empowering local actors and citizens to participate in policymaking by improving adult civic education, as reflected in the Europe 2020 strategy and within the Erasmus+ objective to strengthen civic education for adults.

The pre-assessment of the needs In the partnership found various scenarios, where peace education is needed:

A. External Conflicts, with implications inside the EU
– Dealing with refugees and military conflicts in the EUs’ Neighborhood (Ukraine, Syria, Libya etc.)
– Helping to integrate traumatised refugees into host societies in Europe
– “Imported” conflicts in migrant population (such as Turkish vs. Kurds)

B. Internal within the EU
– Reconciliation in the Balkans (Croatia, North Macedonia)
– the frozen conflict on Cyprus
– Minority Issues
– Political and religious extremism
– Negotiating social integration between different social groups

C. Empowerment of EU Citizens
– Creating new spaces for dialogue between decision makers and citizens
– Analysing how to involve groups, which obstain the democratic process
– Creating dialogue between social and ethnic groups
– Creating dialogue between EU citizens in different countries to support a stronger cohesion within
the EU

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