Digital tools for youth inclusion | Poland

Digital tools for youth inclusion


Poronin, Poland

Youth exchange


Digital skills are crucial for youth inclusion in today’s rapidly changing world. Overall, digital skills can help young people to stay competitive and gain access to new opportunities in various industries. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that young people have access to training and resources to develop these skills. Digital tools for youth inclusion YE aimed at helping youth to acquire the necessary digital skills so they can be able to be a part of society.
Apart from the digital skills and tools that we gained during this YE, we were also very lucky to meet people from Poland, Portugal, Hungary and Romania. Learning about their culture, tasting their food, and learning their language but also sharing our culture, food, and language was one of the highlights of this YE.
Overall, this YE was a fantastic opportunity for us to develop our skills, explore new cultures, and build international networks. It was a life-changing experience that opens up new opportunities and horizons.