Discover your path

07 – 15 of October 2019

Kaunas, Lithuania

Youth Exchange





Discover your path, took place in the beautiful town Kaunas, Lithuania between 7 and 15 of October 2019.  Young people from Cyprus, Lithuania, Italy and Bulgaria gathered together in Kaunas to be part in this inspirational project.

Participating in this wonderful project provided us the unique opportunity to get to know people from different countries, discuss about career opportunities and job market situation, build an atmosphere of respect and understanding for each other and   have amazing intercultural nights.

The aim of this project was to promote self-awareness as a way to link participant’s interests with study and job prospects. Through a variety of self-awareness building activities; Creative Workshop-Create a profession for another person, Draw your future, Manifesto and Team activity “My passion” helped us to discover ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses and decide which career path is best for us. Each country made a presentation of career opportunities and job market situation for their country; and also prepared test.

One of the most challenging activities, was Comfort Zone Challenge; in this activity every participant talked about the things that make them feel comfortable and safe and shared their fears and insecurities.  It was a really challenging activity that enables us to step out from our comfort zone.

A big thanks to Neribota Ateitis and Erasmus + for funding this project, and to PlanBe, Plan it Be it for giving us this valuable opportunity to join this life changing project.  I would encourage more young people to participate in Erasmus+ projects, it’s exciting and rewarding!!!