Dissemination activity for the training course “Promoting eARTH”

✅ Beach Cleanup @Oroklini
📍Location: Oroklini beach, Larnaca, Cyprus
🗓️ Date of workshop : 30th of June |17:30
On Sunday 30th of June , we organised a “Beach Cleanup” at Oroklini beach in Larnaca, as dissemination activity of the training course “Promoting eARTH”. The workshop included all the important steps of an efficient non – formal education workshop. In this workshop we had 15 participants aged 20-25 years old. Most of them were university students passionate concerned about climate change and other important environmental issues
In the beginning, to get to know each other we did a cycle where we introduced ourselves and said a guilty pleasure that we have. Also, we played a game where we had to shout out the name of a participant and throw the ball afterwards. We also did the famous energizer called “Dancing queen” where a participant had to guess who was leading the dancing movements of the rest members of the team.
After these activities we got deeper to the topic of the workshop. We discussed the concerns of the participants about climate change, pollution, water scarcity and global warming. In addition we analyzed the main environmental challenges that our island faces, which include global warming, deforestation and pollution. We all agreed that we are disappointed with the government’s policy for the environment.
After this interesting and productive conversation we put our gloves on, took the trashbags and started cleaning up the beach. The cleaning up workshop included also a “Photovoice” activity. The volunteers were told to expand their creativity and take some photos in order to pass a message regarding environmental problems. The results are shown bellow!!
Overall, it was an amazing experience. It was so shocking that there was so much rubbish around. There was just one small bin for the whole beach and it did not even provide the option of recycling. However, it was encouraging the fact that some locals offered to help us. It seems there is a hope in this island. Small steps make the difference!! Lets change the word together!!!

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