Educational Program – Going Digital

The Educational Program – Going Digital will help Youth Workers in gaining confidence and support young people with motivational psychology training about possibilities in working in the digital economy, to bridge the gaps to help motivate young people and give them the proper sustainable digital entrepreneurship mindset by teaching basics about digital entrepreneurship and possibilities about establishing a new company solely online. Understanding what it means to be a global company from the first moment by integrating real-life examples of how to solve those problems from established digital entrepreneurs.

In this output, desk analysis will be conducted to assess the currently available options in regard to training as well as educational programs for this subject. This, in turn, will help formulate a report of current practices to identify gaps. With the adaptation and development of educational goals and topics, an educational program will be created, as well as a digital version in the form of an e-learning resource.

Aims of the output:

  • Serve as a starting point for the preparation of the educational program – a digital version in the form of an e-learning resource for the youth workers;

  • to create an analysis of the usage of digital entrepreneurship methods in non-formal education targeting the youth, focusing on utilising it as a capacity-building tool;

  • examination of youth workers’ needs and competencies required for using digital tools and their needs and competencies when approaching entrepreneurship issues among youth.


You can read the interviews of our local digital entrepreneurs here

Find out more about this project here


Meet our local digital entrepreneurs:


Erika Afxentiou

                                                                                                                                                 Thelma Poupazi                                                                Nicoletta Kyriakou 

Styliani Petrou                                                                                                                                                                                                          Aggeliki Athanasiadi