Entrepreneurs in the Village

16th- 24th of August 20149

 Milcoveni, Caras-Severin County, Romania

Youth exchange



The youth exchange: “Entrepreneurs in the Village” was designed by Timis Torontal Intercommunity Development Association as a support of young people living in the villages near the Romanian – Serbian border. We chose to conceive this project to meet the needs of young Europeans, in especially in the rural environment with which we work, both we and our selected partners. According to these, in the rural environment is more difficult to set up a business and especially to support this business, and young people give up even before trying it. Through this project we want to implement the strategies of the Commission European Union in an active and practical way, easily understood by young people from different disadvantaged environments.

In this project, 42 young people from Cyprus, Portugal, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and Romania   understood better the concept of entrepreneurship, start up, scale up, promoting and  sustaining a business in rural areas to ensure their independence in the future, to help the community they live in by offering goods and services tailored to their needs.

Aim of the project:

The aim of the project is to develop entrepreneurial spirit among young people in rural areas to achieve financial independence.