01.09.2020 to  31.08.2021

Timișoara, Romania

Long Term ESC

What is this project?

With this project we want to initiate a set of innovative activities which will promote voluntary work and solidarity between the young people from Kuntz and Plopi neighbourhoods of Timisoara and between the citizens of our city.

The project consists in one individual volunteering activities with 6 volunteers(2 locals and 4 international). The activity starting from September 2020 will last 12 months

The aim of our project is to promote voluntary work and solidarity and at the same time to increase the chances to get a job for the
young volunteers and prevent school drop out of the kids from two disadvantage neighbourhoods from Timisoara Plopi and neighbourhoods from Timisoara Plopi and Kuntz, the schools 1 and 3 and high school Shakespeare.



The volunteering project will be implemented with the involvement of 6 participant s from Romania , Europe and partner countries
During 12 months , the working methods will be based on non formal education , such as: debates, simulation games, team building, workshop, interact with local people, intercultural nights, cultural activities and language support. This project will last for 12 months and will also include counselling sessions and career guidance offered to volunteers to get a job.
We offer 4 places for international volunteers, food, accommodation, pocket money and we cover the travel expenses.


More Information

Age Limit: 18-30 Years old

If you are interested to take part in the project, Follow the Link Below for the Application From

The selection will close as soon as we find motivated candidates.

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