Essence: youth work and disability | Croatia

Essence: youth work and disability 


14 – 21. 01. 2023

Training course


Essence: youth work and disability was a training course that took place in Croatia including youth workers from 7 different countries, C r o a ti a, P o l a n d, G r e e c e, E s t o n i a, M a lt a, C y p r u s, and L a t v i a.

It was very interesting to be on a project aiming at creating spaces for people with mental and physical disabilities in Croatia a couple of weeks after they adopted the euro as their currency. The country seemed numb and not at ease with this change but yet so full of young people eager to practise inclusive policies for adjustment whatever the circumstance of disability or discomfort. After a very intensive training youth workers were given the opportunity to organise workshops at schools aiming at raising awareness on any form of disability. The response of the students was amazing!!! Good luck Croatia!! Thank you PlanBe for making this happen!