European Young ESCapists – Implemented

April 5th 2020 – January 31st 2021

Orta Nova, Italy

European Solidarity Corps Project



European Young ESCapists is our first Volunteering project. The Project will cover the following areas and thematics:
Youthwork, Citizenship and democratic participation, Culture, European and International Projects, Education and training, European identity and values, Key Competences & Skills development, Communication & Dissemination.
The project “European Young ESCapists” was born from our idea and motivation to jump in the ESC programme after having been preparing and dreamed about it for a long time. We also chose the title of the project given the inflection of the word “escapists” which can mean “dreamers” and at the same time it includes the letters “ESC” standing for European Solidarity Corps. We love the idea of bringing Volunteers in our local community and creating opportunities for all people that will be involved: participants, partners, our community and us, of course.

The objectives of our project are the following:
▪ Promote the active participation of young people, supporting young people to become agents of positive change in their society and in Europe;
▪ Promote volunteering, solidarity, inclusion, participation and equal opportunities;
▪ Promote Intercultural Learning, Language and Life Long learning in the local community;
▪ Promote ESC, Erasmus+ Programme, and other European programmes in the local community;
▪ Create a strong impact in the local community related to the above-mentioned objectives that will have a long term


Activity 1: European Projects , Erasmus+ & ESC Promotion and development

Activity 2: Communication, Intercultural learning education and dissemination 


The Activities will cover the following areas and thematics:
▪ European and International Projects;
▪ Culture;
▪ Education and training;
▪ European identity and values;
▪ Citizenship and democratic participation;
▪ Key Competences & Skills development;
▪ Youthwork;

Typical tasks for the volunteers and how they will be involved: The main aim of the
volunteers is to give assistance and help the organization in supporting the
management of European projects. During the Activities volunteers are involved in
preparing and participating in international events.

Volunteers Profile

We foresee the background and profile of Volunteers that we would like to involve to be as follows:
▪ Aged between 18 and 30 years old;
▪ Available to commit in the full duration of the project from the beginning until the end of the project;
▪ Interested in improving their skills/abilities or/and with a background in the field of Youth work and Social Work;
▪ With attitude to take initiative and work on social issues;
▪ Willing to be involved in the local community and the specific projects topics;


If you are interested to take part in the project, Follow the Link Below for the Application From

The selection will close as soon as we find motivated candidates.

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