Few m2 of Different Reality

12th until 20th of December 2017

Potenza, Italy

Training Course

The Training course ‘Few m2 of different reality’, which took place in Potenza, Italy in December, 2017. (12-20/12/2017), with 25 participants from Italy, Cyprus, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Romania. The main aim of the project was to learn how to create Escape rooms about Human Rights. An Escape room is a physical adventure game in which players solve series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy in order to escape the room.

During the Cultural Food Night

In the beginning of the sessions through motivating and stimulating games, group work, role play, playing in escape rooms, discussions and presentations, each one of the participants developed their own skills and knowledge on how to create a successful escape room.

During the Workshops

In the period of the first 5 days we were ready in two teams, to create a successful escape room. In less than two days, with every small detail, the escape rooms were created. Many locals played in the Escape rooms and many haven’t been introduced to them. Furthermore, the local radio and newspaper broadcasted the happening. Although, we did have many difficulties, especially in communicating, no limitation could stop us. Through respect for one another and cooperation in order to exceed any other expectation! During the project it showed how hard work, different backgrounds, common ideas, motivation, positive thinking and basically team work can create something unbelievable!! In that way people all around Europe can inform others in their community and who knows, maybe we can make one in Cyprus, for an educational cause!

The Cypriot Team