Find your balance through Parkour 19-29/04/2017 Ioannina, Greece

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The TC “Find your balance through Parkour” will be implemented in Greece. The purpose is to get people aware of the topic. This project is a work of active organizations that believe the future is on Youth activity and health. We decide to unite these expert organizations and make this project, in order to promote a common educational program of Parkour using video as a tool, but firstly – what is Parkour?
Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). It involves movement that helps, if one is in an emergency situation. The underpinning concept of this philosophy is the altruism and the use of strength, of longevity, of self-improvement and of self-understanding. The skills of Parkour don’t apply to an urban environment only, they can be utilized anywhere, in a forest, in a desert, on a mountain etc. It is not just the way you move that makes you a practitioner of Parkour, but the movement combined with theImage result for vitsa zagoria philosophy that defines Parkour.
In this TC, 24 people will participate from different countries, which practice Parkour professionally and they are members of Parkour Federation. We are going to prepare good and useful education materials about the origin and history of Parkour. All participants should be motivated, experienced and ready for work.
 To create educational platform with a common educational material for different countries, these material will be video recorded;
 To collect methods and ways of Parkour education from different countries;
 To develop new skills in Parkour;
 To collect information about prevention accidents in Parkour;
 To exchange skills, knowledge and technical competences of Parkour education, from different countries;
 To create a practical tool, like a video guide, that will be developed by the participants during the project. This will help Youth to promote the healthy life-style of Parkour.Image result for vitsa zagoria
 To tell more about Parkour as a tool of mental and physical development;
 To help future Parkourers to use correct way of education.
 To teach the young people the basic tools in videography, how to work with the materials and how to prepare education materials;
 To share and create professional social campaigns strategies about healthy life-style using tools and knowledge about video making etc.

Participant’s profile
Participants should be 18 years old and over.
The TC will involve people who are strongly interested to get new skills and knowledge and who are ready to share their own Image result for vitsa zagoriaexperience and create together, with the trainers and the group, new methodologies and tools of strong promotion in social and sport area and in personal development. To let participants to feel the whole picture, i.e. to see the different level of power and the need of sport, healthy life style at local, national and international level.Image result for parkour wallpaper iphone
Practical arrangements
Place of the project – Vitsa (municipality Zagoriou)
Host organization will rent a house where participants can work and exercise on their outdoor activities. It will be closed to the area with special equipment for Parkour. You will stay in rooms for 2-3 persons.

Looking for: 3 Cypriot  participants no age limit (gender balance),

All costs (accommodation, food, programme,  insurance) covered by organizers.

Reimbursement for travelling: Cyprus – 275 euro.

Applications until 26/02/2017