#GoGreen – Youth Navigator | Eco-labs | Green Badges

#GoGreen – Youth Navigator | Eco-labs | Green Badges

What are Green Badges?

Open digital badges are digital certificates that encrypt information related to the learning process, achievements or completeness of the badge receiver – Young people. 

It is an innovative digital tool used to recognise learning and skills that are often too difficult to measure within the framework of non-formal education. 

GreenBadges are one of the key innovative elements of this project as a new recognition tool that can be used widely throughout NFE activities in Erasmus+  and local initiatives on a global level.

Earning badges using a variety of activities is engaging and motivating and can be naturally incorporated into the activities provided by the project consortium and peers. 

Badges will support young people to review their learning outcomes in terms of their personal environmental literacy even while participating in activities not directly or not at all connected to the topic.

This particularly contributes to achieving  #GoGreen – Youth Navigator objectives as we mean to emphasize that eco-friendly behaviours shall be a natural part of any Erasmus+ and NFE activity in general.


Check out this Eco-lab that has been created by the PlanBe organisation and earn your badge through the Badge Wallet app