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#GoGreen – Youth Navigator



Aim of the project:

#GoGreen – Youth Navigator will bridge 2 programme objectives– to support awareness raising on the environmental and climate goals and taking up innovative practices in a digital era. The project’s main aim thereafter is to contribute to the just and inclusive transition to sustainable living by empowering the youth work sector across the globe to raise awareness of environmental issues through personal example and digital tools – the language of young people.

Within this Project, we will collect easy to be introduced in the daily life “eco-tips” (e.g. using a bamboo toothbrush, or carrying a recyclable water bottle). We will be publishing an ‘eco-tip’ every day for 101 days on our social media channels in order to raise awareness of personal contribution to the global response to climate change. The tips will make part of the catalogue, published in the Practical Guide Book (stay tuned for that).


You can find out more about our 101 eco-tips on our Instagram and website page 

Mend your clothes | Buy in bulk | Borrow books | Unplug your appliances | Use a natural toothbrush | Use a plastic lunchbox | Do a swap party | Buy only what you need | Use a solid shampoo | Buy second hand | Have a capsule wardrobe | Take short showers | Choose natural materials | Choose sustainable brands | Reuse scrap textiles | Buy nothing day | Read the label | Choose upcycled materials | Use a reusable razor | Use a natural deodorant | Use a plastic-free toothpaste | Use a solid soap | Wait before buying | Use natural hair accessories | Use eco friendly make up | Choose naked nails | Make your own scrub | Simplify your make up routine | Go to local markets | Use a reusable water bottle | Use reusable produce bags | Eat seasonal food | Have more plant-based meals | Use a reusable bag | Check your fridge | Leave the peel on | Choose healthy snacks | Eat smaller portions | Empty your pantry | Bring your own cup | Commute by bicycle | Go on foot | Use public transport | Share a ride | Separate your waste | Reduce your speed | Go on an urban trek | Travel lightly | Offset your CO2 footprint | Bring a reusable straw Compost your food scraps | Choose reusable period items | Use a wooden comb | Choose a reusable notebook | Use an instant pot | Reuse your jars | Use natural bed linen | Turn off the lights | Use energy-efficient lights | Plant your own herbs | Recycle your water | Pick water-based paints | Insulate your home | Collect rainwater | Support local producers | Do a trash audit | Meal plan your week | Dispose your cooking oil safely | Use kitchen towels | Be active in your community | Use natural laundry detergents | Have a green cleaning routine | Join a community garden | Map out sustainable shops | Dial down your heating | Install a faucet aerator | Repair your things | Borrow as much as you can | Use beeswax food wraps | Choose digital tickets | Use a solar phone charger | Use what you already have | Choose low impact stationery | Drink loose leaf tea | Understand your habits | Air dry your laundry | Understand the lifecycle | Have a low-impact first aid kit | Stay informed and research | Try root-to-stem cooking | Reuse one-sided printed paper | Use a handkerchief | Re-gift presents | Use reusable gift wraps | Try sustainable decorations | Turn on AC only when needed | Eat slow food when dining out | Use cold water when doing laundry | Try an electric lighter | Choose non-toxic cookware | Share what you know and inspire


Project Nr : 2021-1-BE05-KA220-YOU-000028629

The project is funded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ programme.

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