Green ideas for our future | 2nd-8th of September 2022 | Poland

Green ideas for our future

2nd-8th of September 2022

Świętouść, Poland

Youth exchange

Coming from 4 different cities in Cyprus we met in Pafos before our flight. Who knew we would have such a great time together, almost missing our bus before arriving at our destination? Eventually, we arrived in Poland for our Erasmus+ project “Green ideas for our future”.In total, 35 people from 5 different countries: Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland, shared an amazing week in the woods of Tramp Camp in Świętouść. We might have been shaking from the cold, but this didn’t stop us from jumping in the freezing water of the  Baltic sea a couple of times, or from waking up at 5:30 am to see the sunrise. Meeting other youngsters from other countries, and sharing with them our environmental ideas in our personal space living space, was an incredible experience. We enjoyed the beautiful nature of Poland while making new friends and exchanging ideas about recycling, reusing and upcycling. We got the chance to taste traditional food and drinks from each country but also learn more about their everyday life and traditions. It was really an unforgettable experience.
Ps: Things are better, HOMEMADE.