Greendex Training and First Erasmus+ forest

Inaugurating the first Erasmus+ Forest in Amarante, Portugal

From March 13th to 18th, 2023, Amarante, Portugal was the vibrant host of our groundbreaking training course titled ‘Zero Waste,’ as part of the esteemed Greendex KA2 project. The picturesque Casa da Juventude de Amarante served as the ideal setting for this transformative event.

During our time in Amarante, we embarked on an inspiring journey of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and personal growth. Bringing together participants from diverse backgrounds, we engaged in workshops and exchanged valuable insights on sustainable practices. The atmosphere was electric with enthusiasm as we collectively explored ways to reduce waste and cultivate a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

The training course was enriched by immersive study visits, allowing us to witness sustainable practices in action. These experiences served as powerful examples of practical solutions and fueled our motivation to drive positive change in our communities.

A highlight of our time in Amarante was the pilot testing of our CO2 calculator designed for participants and organisations taking part in Erasmus+ projects. This innovative tool, developed as part of the Greendex project, empowers individuals and organizations to accurately measure their carbon footprint. The calculator not only quantifies the environmental impact of our activities but also provides valuable insights for improvement.

However, the true pinnacle of our Amarante experience was the momentous inauguration of the first Erasmus+ forest. Standing amidst the lush greenery, we witnessed the tangible embodiment of our commitment to environmental stewardship. The trees stood tall as symbols of hope, sustainability, and our collective determination to mitigate the effects of our carbon footprint.

The inauguration ceremony was a joyous and celebratory occasion, uniting us in our shared vision. As we planted the first small plants, we were reminded of the power of individual actions that, when combined, create a tapestry of change. The Erasmus+ forest stands as a living testament to our potential for transformation and our positive impact on the environment.

Our time in Amarante left an indelible mark on our Greendex journey. It served as a catalyst for personal growth, deepened our understanding of sustainable practices, and forged lifelong connections among participants who share a common vision.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, the Casa da Juventude de Amarante, and all those involved in making this event a resounding success. Together, we are shaping a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

You can find out more on our project’s website. Together, we can make a difference!