Grow Partnership Strategies | Online

12th-01st of November 2020

Training Course



Project Summary

The Training Course – GPS Grow Partnership Strategies – We will gather a team of participants from Romania, Spain, the UK, Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ireland, Greece and Portugal. There will be partners with very few experience in Erasmus+ Projects, willing to develop and deepen their knowledge on Erasmus+ Programme, together with partners with already few years of experience. It will be the time for analyzing european projects and discuss where there is still room for improvement in matter of understandi

ng of what is quality of projects and how that can be a tool to motivate and empower young people towards inclusion and active participation.

There will be a trainer in charge of combining all these different experiences, summing it up according to the Programme Guide and realities across Europe. This project combines a mix of sessions between Training Course and Seminar, in order to better exchange knowledge and experience and take the most of the learning experience. The participants will be trained on topics related to project development; but there will be also Seminar sessions, when partners will share experience and knowledge from the work at local level



※ Get to know what are Erasmus+ projects, how to implement them, how to submit and apply for projects, prepare a project;
※ Develop a common understanding on project quality and the important elements to achieve it;
※ Get to know how to reach youth empowerment through quality projects;
※ Develop partnerships;
※ Develop better opportunities for youth;
※ Work on the needs of the partner organisations;