“GROWING IDEAS”24-30/04/2017 Alozaina Malaga Spain


Applicant Organisation and Hosting Organisation: ARTE DE MIS MANOS – AL-ANDALUS S.L.L.
Course Dates: 24th-30th of April 2017
Project Venue: Casa de Acogida ‘Pepe Bravo’
Calle Sánchez Rivas, nº 36, CP: 29567 de Alozaina (Málaga)

Countries involved: Albania, Chipre, Italia, Croacia, Países Bajos, Polonia, República Checa, Rumanía,Turquía, Suecia y España.
Objectives of the project:
1) To develop creative thinking, soft skills, financial management, strategic planning of the ideas and
social entrepreneurship skills of youth workers and youth leaders.
2) To teach youth workers how to motivate young people in developing entrepreneurial paths.
3) To offer a basic training on how to develop, validate and implement social entrepreneurial projects.
4) To explore practical ways of supporting young people set up social enterprises, taking into
consideration legal, financial, management and social requirements.
5) To equip youth workers and leaders with tools and methods designed to develop entrepreneurial
skills among young people.
6) To develop new methods and tools of working on the topic of social entrepreneurship.
7) To provide participants with the opportunity to exchange experience and expertise in the field of
social entrepreneurship.
8) To inform the participants about opportunities to develop new projects under the Erasmus+
Programme, as well to support establishment of new partnerships

Profile of the participants:
This project has been created reflecting the needs a group of organisations working with young people,
which have been cooperating for some time now.
Lack of the some certain skills and knowledge like knowledge business sector, understanding financial risk
and management, having soft skills (communication, leadership, management, etc) stop them to act. At this
point NGOs can provide young people with the information and help on the topic of social entrepreneurship
and involve them into the issue. But there are not many organisations and youth workers who are
competitive enough in this field. The participants of the training course are youth workers and youth leaders
directly involved in work with young people, who can share their experience and want to develop new skills.
This training course will give to youth workers the possibility to understand the issue of social
entrepreneurship, to explore methods of working with youth on the topic of social entrepreneurship and
practical skills on running the social enterprise with their organisations (financial management, creativity,
soft skills, strategic planning of the ideas, etc.).
– 2 youth workers (pedagogists, volunteers, youth traineners, every person who uses formal and informal
educative methodologies and who knows the european reality and wants to share his/her experience with
others professionals)

Reimbursement for Cypriots:530 euro
Food and Accomodation: full covered

Applications until 18/01/2017