Hear My Voice

2nd – 9th of May 2018

Šibenik, Croatia

Youth Exchange


An eight day youth exchange, named “Hear My Voice”, was implemented in the City of  Šibenik, Croatia. This is the project within the Erasmus+ program, financed by the European Commission. The project involved five EU countries – Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia and the main activities took place between the 2nd and 9th of May 2018.

The main aim of the project was to increase the awareness of the importance of voting. This was achieved by working on three specific aims during this project, which are: increasing the youth participation in decision making, getting people more familiar with the electoral system and also by increasing the knowledge about the EU institutions. This increased the chance that they will be active both in decision making and voting as they feel they really have a say and that their vote counts. Furthermore by understanding how the EU works, they can now easily be involved to bring the change they always wanted to see in their communities, countries or within the EU itself. The general aim was to increase youth voting percentage.

Participating organizations were PlanBe, Plan it Be it (Cyprus), PRISMS (Malta), Majami, o.z, (Slovakia), Društvo za politično in gospodarsko sodelovanje mladih osrednje Evrope (Slovenia) and Nezavisna udruga mladih (Croatia) and each organization was represented by eight participants.