I have a Dream-Norway 22-30/11/2016

PlanBe is looking for 2 Cypriots with no age limit to participate in:

I Have a Dream – Life Coaching for Youth

Date: 22-30 November 2016
Type of activity: Training Course
Location: Norway
Number of Cypriot participants requested: 2
Travelling Reimbursement amount for Cypriots: 360 euro

Application form: http://goo.gl/forms/xOYrc0bz5H


I Have a Dream – Life Coaching for Youth” is an Erasmus+ Programme – KA1 training course to be held in Visnes, Norway during Autumn of 2016. It will gather 33 youth workers, youth leaders, educators and volunteers from 13 countries from European Countries.

The project is essentially a youth development program for Youth Workers. It can be described as set of tools to guide youth and young adults, on how to identify and develop their potential to an optimum level. The program was based on the idea that if your life was a book and you were the author, how you would write your story. We all have many dreams and aspirations growing up but we let go of them as we grow into adulthood. One of the key reasons we give up on our dreams from our youth is because of a lack of structured guidance on how to go about achieving them, hence the reason for the creation of this training.

The aim is to give tools to participants dealing with young people, to better understand and unlock their potential using methods that trigger the power of the mind and body in order to facilitate them to become active citizens and fully participate in our globalized multi-cultural society.

The training course will include various non-formal education methods such as ice-breakers and energizers, team building exercises, small group discussions, role-plays, individual exercises and reflection, feedback and evaluation activities.

More info: Here