Chata Doubravka, Czech Republic

Training Course


InSpire: HELPING YOUNG PEOPLE EXPRESS THEIR COMPETENCIES IN THE JOB MARKET has been a Training Course under the Erasmus+ program that took place in Czech Republic. The course was hosted by the NGO ‘ANEV:Association of Non-Formal Education’ between 12-19 of September 2017 in the Czech Republic, in the heart of the region Vysočina at Chata Doubravka, around 120km from Prague. The project brought together 28 individuals from 10 different countries: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey, Spain, UK, Belgium and Portugal.

The aim of the training course was to address the issue of youth unemployment and look at supporting youth workers in competence development skills, so they can, in turn, support the development of competences of the young people they work with.

During this project, we learned about the youth unemployment issue in Europe and we discussed about finding ways to overcome that problem, as a potential youth worker. Also through creative methods of the Non-Formal Education, we were able not only to become self aware about our own competencies, but also to develop new methods on how to help young people discover, articulate, adapt and transfer the description of their competencies into different working contexts.

Projects activities had included working groups, simulations, presentations, evaluation sessions, performance and energized exercises.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to explore the beautiful forests of Czech Republic and the nearby traditional villages since the venue was in a large grassy area surrounded by meadows and woods, near the river. We also had time to explore one of the most beautiful European towns, Prague. And last, we had an intercultural night where each country exchanged their cultures, traditional food, dances and history.

Through this project, not only we gained incredible experiences, memories, skills and knowledge, but we also acquired respect for different cultures and we tied up with individuals from other countries creating new strong diversity friendships. But most of all, we had a lot of fun. We are glad that we had this opportunity!

Thanks to PlanBe, Plan It, Be It for this experience!!