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Greendex: Promoting Sustainability in Erasmus+ Projects


Erasmus+ projects have long been recognized for their contributions to the learning and personal development of young people and youth workers. However, the program’s focus on international mobility has raised concerns about its carbon footprint. That’s where Greendex comes in, an innovative Erasmus+ KA2 project dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and environmental consciousness within the program.

One of the key features of Greendex is the development of an online CO2 calculator specifically designed for Erasmus+ projects. This user-friendly calculator takes into account all elements of mobility, including youth exchanges, seminars, meetings, and trainings. By entering project-specific data, both young individuals and organizations can calculate their carbon footprint accurately. This valuable tool provides insight into the environmental impact of their activities and serves as a starting point for fostering more sustainable habits.

But Greendex goes beyond just measuring carbon emissions. The project website serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering practical tips and guidance on reducing carbon footprints during Erasmus+ projects. Through in-depth research and analysis, common habits associated with mobility are identified, and positive alternatives are suggested. From minimizing plastic waste to optimizing transportation choices, the website provides actionable steps for individuals and organizations to make a tangible difference.

Recognizing that some behaviours may be challenging to change immediately, Greendex also provides compensation tips. These tips offer a range of activities that individuals and organizations can undertake alongside their mobility projects to mitigate their impact on nature. By taking proactive steps to balance their ecological footprint, participants can make a positive contribution to the environment.

In addition to the CO2 calculator and sustainability tips, Greendex offers a comprehensive training program on zero-waste and sustainable mobility. This program aimed to equip youth workers with the knowledge and tools to reorganize their youth work practices in a more environmentally conscious manner. Furthermore, a library provides opportunities for individual study, allowing youth workers to delve deeper into the subject of sustainability in youth work. The platform offers curated content, including web links to videos, publications, and methods, and encourages self-reflection on personal and social sustainability.

One of the standout initiatives of Greendex is its afforestation campaign. Partnering with four project participants, the campaign commits to planting a specific number of trees after each mobility activity. This number is calculated based on the CO2 emissions generated, with each tree serving as a natural carbon converter. By connecting with local communities and developing a self-sustainable model, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the environmental impact of mobility and inspire similar efforts worldwide.

Greendex shines a spotlight on the need for self-reflection and responsible action in our daily lives and work. By offering support in changing habits, the project encourages young individuals, youth workers, and organizations to contribute to environmental preservation. Through the CO2 calculator, the website, and various initiatives, Greendex aims to foster a sense of environmental responsibility and demonstrate that sustainability can be both impactful and enjoyable.

To learn more about Greendex and access the CO2 calculator and resources, visit the project’s website at

By embracing Greendex, Erasmus+ participants can embark on a journey of sustainability, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the environment.


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