It's All Green to me

It’s All Green to me

3-10 May 2023

Training course

Pedoulas, Cyprus


This training course aimed for Youth Workers to gain knowledge in eco practices, environmental sustainability, and green management. They learnt about civic and governmental initiatives in the environmental field. They acquired knowledge in the entrepreneurship field and they went deeper into social entrepreneurship. Knowledge, resources and opportunities about Erasmus+ were learnt by participants as well. They got better in the following key competencies: Multilingual competence – the project was run in English but participants were also working with their national team then they used their mother tongue as well. Personal, social and learning to learn competence – participants needed to control time and resources for the presentations but not only during the training course. Brainstorming, Business Model Canvas or elevator pitch were tools to level up the entrepreneur’s competence. Competence in cultural awareness and expression – in this training course ideas took up a lot of time and shared our concerns as well. Digital competence – all the communications during the preparation were by using digital tools. Promoting their ideas and the project in society is important for increasing visibility.



  • Creating awareness about environmental problems among youth workers;
  • Share awareness of eco-friendly practices;
  • To prevent pollution and enhance the conditions of the environment;
  • To ensure the protection of biodiversity;
  • To implement sustainable development;
  • Find alternative ways of reusing existing materials;
  • Build a more sustainable and green Europe