Kids In Action 7 – United in Solidarity – Implemented

August 2020 – July 2021

Skofja Loka, Slovenia

Long Term Volunteering




Project Summary

Would you like to dedicate your energy, knowledge and time to improve the life of children and youngsters, people with
minor mental disabilities or/and people who have problems with different forms of addiction and their kids? Would you like to spend 12 months in a lovely medieval town in one of the smallest and the greenest European countries? Would you like to become active in the local community?

The long-term ESC volunteering project “Kids in Action 7 – United in Solidarity” will connect 11 organizations or their units in the area of Škofja Loka: Familija (Youth Day Care Center Blok and Project Learning of Young Adults PUM-O), Center for Social Work Škofja Loka (Day Care Center DCΩ and Day Care Center DCM Podlubnik), CSD Kranj (Day Care Center DC Škrlovec), Kranj Educational Institution (Residential Home for Children at Risk Črnava), Šent Škofja Loka, three local elementary schools (Jelo Janežič Primary School, Cvetko Golar Primary School, Škofja Loka – Mesto Primary School) and Projekt Človek Association and their therapeutic community for addicted parents and their children in Sopotnica.

The project continues the well-established tradition of connecting related local organizations that carry
out educational, social and preventive programs for children and youth and for other vulnerable social groups. The main target group of the project are children, youth and people deprived of normal functional life. Project partners offer to their users space where they can feel comfortable and safe, where they can develop their social skills and where they can get quality support with their behavioral, emotional, learning and other problems. The aim of the programs is to provide support to the widest circle of users, as well as to those with special needs and other problems. Support is provided at the individual level (work with each individual), as well as in cooperation with their families. The program includes group work and activities with adolescents, cooperation between various institutions, training, counseling, holiday camps, day trips, workshops, etc.



Age Limit: 18-30 years old

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The selection will close as soon as we find motivated candidates.

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