Less is not More

12-19 June 2021

Zagreb, Croatia

Training Course


Representatives of PlanBe Plan it Be it  participated in an international project within the Erasmus+ programme, intended for youth workers. The project with a title “Less is not more“ is a training course, with main activities held in Zagreb, Croatia, in the period of June 12-19.

The training involves sessions that aim to educate youth workers in the field of participatory budgeting, with a focus on the implementation in NGO sector. Ultimately, these youth workers will be in a better position to equip young people with skills and knowledge that will help them to develop and implement ideas of the participatory approach.

During the activities, participants have developed pilot ideas which they will try to implement in their local communities, in order to present the key elements and the possible impact of the participatory budgeting.

Except our organization, in the project participated the organizations from Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Malta

Lead partner of this project is Youth Mobility Institute from Croatia, and the project has been funded by the European Commission, within the Erasmus+ programme.