Let's do it Together

31st of March – 1st May 2022

Modica, Sicily

Short term ESC


What’s the project about?

“Let’s do it Together” is a ESC Volunteering Activity that will take place in Modica from March 31st to May 1st, 2022. This project will involve 10 volunteers from 5 countries: Cyprus Bulgaria, Ukraine and Poland


The project’s topic.

This project will require the volunteers to develop social and civic skills on several frameworks as Youth involvement, Intercultural and Interreligious dialogue, Participation through Web-Radio and Refugee welcoming.
By participating to this project, each volunteer will:
-Get in touch with young student aged 16-25 , involving them in workshop based on non-formal education, on anti-bullying and anti-discrimination issues ;
-Young Refugees aged 14-18, in order to get in touch with their culture and contrasts stereotypes and prejudice on migrant issues get to know how to manage a –Web Radio and boost their own participation, involving a broad audience and involving their own communities.
The project aims to:
  • provide the chance of an opportunity to better understand migration issues and the role of volunteers in creating acceptance and understanding with the refugees/asylum seekers and migrants;
  • Enable young people to make a change in the society in which they operate, by empowering social skills and youth leadership with the local context;
  • participate and create opinions by using a web radio, learning to communicate using a non violent approach ;
  • Give young people tools and methods to realize concrete and inclusive actions in their community of reference;
  • Raise awareness about cultural differences connected to the phenomena of bullying, especially at high schools.



  1. Young people aged between 18 and 30, male and female in the most equal proportion as possible;
  2. People interested in the topic of migrant issues, cultural differences, tolerance, diversity;
  3. People who are interested in developing skills regarding media creation and/or peer education training skills;
  4. Young people with fewer opportunities (one for each group, with economic obstacles, disability (visual impairment, mobility difficulties).


Accomodation, hospitality and logistics in general
The volunteers will be granted with the use of two houses, and will be divided between the two accomodations in a number of 5 for each house.
The houses will offer the necessary comforts to each participant and are complete with bathrooms, kitchens, cutlery, pottery, bed sheets and comfortable living
rooms. Please, keep in mind that any damage to the houses is not a responsibility of the hosting organisation, and will therefore be covered by the volunteers.
For living expenses and socialisation, the volunteerswill be provided with a pocket money of € 200 each.
Associazione Attiva-Mente will provide all the means of transportation necessary to carry out the activities, without charging the volunteers.
How to Apply 

Age Limit: 18-30 Years old

If you are interested to take part in the project, Follow the Link Below for the Application From

The selection will close as soon as we find motivated candidates.

For any information : opportunities.planbe@gmail.com