Let’s hate, hate

16-22 July 2021


Youth Exchange

Let’s hate, hate took place in the beautiful village Poronin. Between 16 and 22 of July 2021. Young people from Cyprus, Italy,

 Spain, Hungary, Romania  and Poland gathered together in Poronin to be part of this inspirational project.

Participating in this fantastic project presented u s with a unique opportunity to meet people from all around the world.

“Let’s hate hate” was exactly what we needed in these odd years with the corona virus situation. People are more aggressive now, they don’t filter their thoughts and they are much more hateful than they used to be. In that small isolated village in Poland, we found time to discuss, to debate, to share information and rethink things that we used to take for granted. It is so amazing to be in a place with people from different backgrounds and feel so secure and accepted. Additionally, the mountains, nature and the water acted as a bonus point to the peaceful and healing environment. Of course, when youths join an Erasmus youth exchange, expect to leave the place with new acquaintances. This time was different! Our need for physical connection after so many lonely quarantines helped us to connect deeper. We left the place full of friends and emotions… What a great feeling!