Magic Europe Reloaded

Youth Exchange

2-10 of September 2019

Óbánya, Hungary




Magic  Europe reloaded is a fictional state, created during our youth exchange by the participating youngsters. The state operates with its own rules, that will be followed by the participants. The rules will be based on democratic values, and during the creation and implementation the model in front of us will be the operations and structure of the European Union. This way the participants can learn in practice how to work in a group, live in democratic coexistence, and even methods for successful conflict-resolutions.
During the exchange we went through the subjects of active citizenship and civic participations as thoroughly as possible. This phase  started with a research, where the national teams will access the “level of development” in their own country. Using the results of the research we created online contents with the goal of raising awareness among the people – especially youngsters – of the importance of active citizenship. We  worked out a communication strategy in order to carry out a major online campaign in the 7. day of the exchange (“Day of Active Citizenship”) – which will give us the opportunity to present and disseminate the contents made during the exchange.


The youth exchange took place in the South of Hungary in Óbánya at a small village between the 2-10 of September 2019.We had  an Advanced Planning Visit (APV) on 18-19 May 2019. The APV took place in southern Hungary on 18-19 May 2019. There are 8 partner organizations involved in the project, fom Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Cyprus and Hungary.All the countries came with a group of one group leader and 4 participants between 15-25 years old.