Medart In Life

18th – 25th of March 2018

Bratislava, Slovakia

Training Course

Medart In Life , took place in the beautiful capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, between 18 and 25 of March 2018. The project was implemented by the Theatre with No Home and it was funded by Erasmus+.   Three young Cypriots among other participants from Slovakia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic, were there to join the beautiful journey of 7 days in the world of theater and social inclusion.

The participants collaborated with each other and work together as a unite for a week under the guidance of the trainers and directors of The Theater with no home. Good practices and skills were shared during this week as all the participants got the opportunity to share their experiences and work with the rest of the group. Each single one of the participants got the opportunity to get closer to the world of theatre. The main mission of the workshops was to work with marginalized communities of citizens  using creative forms of theatre, performing arts, dance and singing. The participants work with different methods of theatre. One of the most interesting practices was the use of a human puppet. This experience help the participants to get a better understanding how to treat people with moving disabilities and at the same time how to work with an object that has the size of a human being and give life to it.

An important moment was the time when participants met the actual actors of the theater with no home, people with different background such homeless people, people with physical and mental handicap, ex prisoners etc. In short people under the risk of social exclusion because of their background. Meeting these “Social phenomena” and getting the opportunity to interact, work and cooperate with them was way the best manner for the group to get to know the work is being created by the theater with no home, to live and experiment social theater and to feel the importance of the existence of social theater and at the end to motivate the entire group keep working on social inclusion through arts!

Approaching the end of the week an amazing surprise was prepared for the group. These amazing people prepared a performance for the hosting international group, in english. Few words were enough to deliver the messages and nail the audience’s look at the stage. Intensive moment full of emotions and surprises!

This experience taught to the entire group that arts and theater have the power to bring the change, to create the coexistence space and remind to the humanity that where there are arts there is a hope!

A Big thanks to The Theater with No Home, (but theater with “Yes” Big heart full of creativity passion and love), to Erasmus+ for giving these opportunities, and to PlanBe, Plan it Be it for planning with love this opportunity for us to join the project representing the organisation!