New partnerships for effective youth work

08th-12th July 2019

Krakow, Poland

Training Course



Platform for Youth Integration is a non-governmental non-profit organization based in Krakow, founded in November 2018. We are a beginner foundation supporting local children, youth and intergenerational dialogue. Our goal is to develop civil society by promoting education, self-awareness, participation in democratic processes, knowledge on fundamental legal, economic and cultural heritage issues. We want integration to be the main feature of our activities, understood both locally as equalizing opportunities regardless of age, social or material status, but also understood in the European dimension, focusing on tolerance, mobility and seeking better solutions for common Europe. We want to supplement the existing system of formal education in our region by various non-formal and informal educational activities, based on both fundraising and subsidies from local government and national as well as EU funds. The basic area of our activity is the city Kraków and Ruczaj – city’s district with the character of the “big slab” housing estate, part of District VIII Dębniki, located approximately 4 km southwest of the center of Krakow.


The project aims to develop contacts, exchange experiences and create new partnerships between participating organizations and enrich the potential of non-governmental organizations in our regions. In all of these activities, our main goal is mutual learning, developing the potential and developing a strong network of reliable partners for future cooperation in various projects and topics. This project will be for our organization and several others like us – beginners, the first step on the way to creating new opportunities for our youth.