One Last Chance: Conflict Resolution

13th until 19th of November 2017

Narvic Region, Norway

Training Course

PlanBe has the pleasure to be a partner of the training course ‘One last Chance: Conflict Resolution’ vol.3. After the two successful implementation of the project, the organisations Ha Moment and Narviksdefwa organised the third volume of the project in Narvik Region in Norway between the 13-19th of November 2017.

The main objectives of the project was to improve youth workers skills with practical tools and experimental non-formal activities on conflict, conflict management, prejudice and migration issues. Thus, all the activities we have experienced were related to that issue giving us the chance to explore situations that affect ourselves in a personal level as well as in a social level.

Through the five days we had the chance to go deeper and deeper in our personal and social conflicts finding solutions to face it. That means that at the end of the programme we were able to identify the conflict, choose the right solution and plan on how we achieve this solution. Tools like GPS of empathy and non-violence communication were used to achieve that. Putting that knowledge into practice, we participated in a theatre of oppressed in order to learn how to deal with situations of an oppressor and an oppressed.

Another activity we have experienced is the boardgame ‘One Last Chance: Mission Z’. During that, we have been splitted into six teams and each team planned its strategy to accomplish their missions that was to colonise areas in the map. The impact of the session was very interesting as it gave us food for thought that is related with the needs of the world in a combination with the existing resources.

Furthermore, we had the chance to visit the Narvik War Museum which we all found very interesting as it has something different from usual museum. The last part of the museum, that we can call an art exhibition is called Zona area. Zona, has its own place in time and space and it is there to engage visitors in an open debate about topics related to war and conflict. So, this is the part where our study visit focused as later on we had a discussion on our national conflicts.

Each day we were getting deeper and deeper into the subject giving us the chance to reflect on ourselves and share our thought with the other participants. By this, we all now have knowledge and motivations to improve ourselves in personal and professional level as well as to fight today’s and future conflict and discrimination in our societies.