Rights4YOUth: Empowering Young Changemakers for a Rights-Focused Europe

Project Summary

The “Rights4YOUth” initiative addresses a significant gap in the knowledge and comprehension of European Union (EU) rights and principles among young people in Cyprus. Despite the fundamental importance of democratic values, equality, and human rights, many youths are unaware that these are their rights as EU citizens. This information deficit hampers their capacity to actively participate in civic life and advocate for positive societal changes. To bridge this gap, the project aims to provide accessible and engaging platforms that deliver factual information and foster youth engagement in EU rights and values.


The primary objective of the “Rights4YOUth” project is to empower young people in Cyprus by enhancing their understanding of EU rights and principles. The project seeks to:

Inform and educate youth about their rights as EU citizens.

Inspire and engage young people to become active advocates for EU rights and values.

Promote a culture of active citizenship and democratic participation.

Develop sustainable educational tools and platforms for ongoing learning and engagement.

Key Activities

1.EU Rights and Values Education Workshops:

Activities: Conduct a series of practical and theoretical awareness-raising sessions including group discussions, seminars, conferences, campaigns, and art-related activities.

Goal: Increase knowledge of EU rights and values as defined in EU Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

2.Youth Ambassadors for EU Values:

Training Program: Implement a two-phase program to train young individuals as ambassadors for EU rights and values.

Ambassador Activities: Empower ambassadors to lead awareness campaigns and outreach activities.

Interactive Learning: Pilot an outdoor escape game on EU values, available on the Cities of Learning platform, enabling participants to earn Open Badges for their achievements.

3.Dissemination and Advocacy:

Social Media Campaigns: Post 35 social media updates about the project, conduct a comprehensive social media awareness campaign, and publish five articles related to EU rights and values.

Outreach: Ensure stakeholders are informed about new and existing tools and platforms through outreach activities, fostering civic dialogue.

4.Expressing EU Values:

Creative Competition: Organize a postcard design competition to encourage creative expression of EU values, aiming to engage participants in the artistic representation of their understanding of these principles.

Target Groups

The project specifically targets:

Young People (Aged 18-35): Focused on individuals, especially those facing economic, geographical, or social obstacles, to empower them as informed citizens.

Educators and Youth Workers: To ensure long-term impact, the project involves teachers and youth workers, providing them with tools and training to educate about EU rights and values.

NGOs and Institutions: Engages organizations working in human rights, youth empowerment, and European citizenship to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.


The “Rights4YOUth” project is designed to benefit young people in Cyprus, particularly those with fewer opportunities, by providing them with accessible information and resources to enhance their understanding of EU rights and values. The youth ambassadors will serve as role models, inspiring their peers to actively engage in promoting these values. Additionally, the project will benefit educational institutions and youth workers by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Role of PlanBe

PlanBe, Plan it Be it organization, is the project promoter responsible for coordinating and implementing the project activities. This includes developing educational materials, organizing workshops, training youth ambassadors, establishing an online platform, and collaborating with educational institutions. PlanBe’s role is crucial in driving the project forward, ensuring its success, and promoting EU rights and values among young people in Cyprus.


The “Rights4YOUth: Empowering Young Changemakers for a Rights-Focused Europe” project aims to address the priorities of enhancing awareness and understanding of EU rights and values, fostering cooperation and networking among organizations, and increasing public participation in activities related to EU rights and values. Through its comprehensive activities, the project will contribute significantly to creating a more informed, engaged, and rights-focused youth population in Cyprus.

«Το έργο Rights4YOUth υλοποιείται στο πλαίσιο του προγράμματος BUILD, με φορέα υλοποίησης το PlanBe, Plan it Be it. Το BUILD συγχρηματοδοτείται από την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση, μέσω του προγράμματος Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV), το Ίδρυμα Μποδοσάκη και το Κέντρο Στήριξης ΜΚΟ.»

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