Room Around Me

07th-15th of October 2019

Pakozd, Hungary

Training Course



At the beginning of October we participated in an Erasmus+ training course, called “Room Around Me”.
As a marketer,We were really interested in the topic of the Training Course, which was about the use of social media and cyber bullying. At the beginning we were really curious to live another experience. It was our second participation in an Erasmus+ project for such a small period. we found it a challenge to meet new people from 12 different countries and work with them. The content of the project was really interesting, as we went deep into the topic and presented our countries’ habits regarding social media. The most touching moment was when two Hungarian young men were invited to present their story about cyber bullying and we had a discussion with them. These two people describing their own true stories made us think of how, even a message online, can influence someone’s life.

we learned so much about myself and it also helped me develop in so many different ways. For example, most of the years of my life learning was based on formal education and learning. Finally, we can see that non-formal education is effective as well, that “learning by doing” was a part of it. In addition, we had to plan a flash mob. Conflict and time management skills were only some of the things that we should improve. Coordination and team communication was very crucial as well. Imagine 24 people from 12 different countries doing brainstorming and trying to organize a flash mob during one evening. It was a tiring evening, but believe me it was worth it! Because of this we managed to be more like a team and achieve our goal; to make Erasmus+ project aware to everyone in one small city called Székesfehérvár.We are grateful for all the people we met, and for sure We will do it again!