SEE the Key

31st May – 6th  June

Constanta, Romania

Training Course


‘SEE the key’ was a six-day training course organized by Asociatia Youth Vision and funded by Erasmus plus. The project took place in Constanta, Romania from 31st of May to 6th of June. The participating countries were Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Poland, Greece, Italy and Spain. The goal of the project was the participants to obtain awareness of the unemployment level of the other participant countries and about the importance of the social entrepreneurship


The first day was a kind of introduction day with some games in order to get to know each other. In the second day participants were divided to their national teams and they had to present their own countries’ current situation showing some rates like the unemployment rate and G.D.P. The next days were focused on the procedures that need to be implemented to start a business including the social entrepreneurship. SMART decisions, SWOT Analysis and the implementation of the Business Plan were the main topics that were well discussed and presented.


Moreover, all the participants had the opportunity to visit the city center of Constanta where they were divided in teams and they should disseminate to locals the particular project and other projects funded by Erasmus plus. In addition, an unforgettable experience was the visit to the municipality of the city and the discussion that all participants had with the vice mayor. Even though all participants were expecting a more effective discussion with the vice mayor, his response to the questions was interesting and assist the participants to develop their culture awareness.



The intercultural nights took place in the last two nights were the national teams presented some interesting facts about their country and all participants tasted different food and drinks from other countries.