Seeds of Sustainability

21st-29th of May 2019

Puglia, Italy

Youth Exchange



On the 1st of July, we have gathered the Seeds of Sustainability team to share and talk about the youth exchange we have participated in Gravina of Italy about sustainability. Our audience were youngsters from 13-17 years old and the workshop took place in the Youth multicultural Laboratory in Nicosia. The youngsters were very energetic and ready to learn how they can be more sustainable and how they can help the environment. Us, as people who have been trained about it in Gravina, we felt motivated and sure for our knowledge about this topic, At the beginning we started an energizer to woke up and break the ice, and after we had a wealthy discussion about how the schools in Cyprus include environmental issues in their school programme. Unfortunately, we conclude to the fact that the schools don’t give the appropriate information to the kids in order to act more conscious about the environment.


Then we have realised what was our role in this workshop and our aim. We transfer them the three values of consciousness. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. First, you have to reduce your trash, then if you haven’t got another option reuse them and the final step it to recycle them, Because the act is more effective, we have brought plastic packaging and we have a good brainstorming at first and then we let them do whatever with this plastic depends from their imagination. The point is that we wanted them to understand that is not difficult to create something from something else and use it in another way. In conclusion, the workshop was successful and by the time we saw the creation that the kids have created we felt very relieved and proud. Thanks to Seeds of Sustainability youth exchange we can call ourselves, “trainers of Sustainability”