Spread the Word


Dresden, Germany

Training Course


22 People coming from Germany, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Romania, UK and Bulgaria gathered in the beautiful city of Dresden in Germany between the 9th and 16th of Octomber in 2017! The reason? To participate in the training course “Spread the world”, which was organised and implemented by the german organization  JUGEND & Kulturprojekt e.V  and funded by Erasmus+.

Our goal as a group of youth workers? To work on how to   disseminate the results of youth work and the Erasmus+ projects and proving that there is a need to implement such youth and community projects as it is beneficial for the society. The main objective was to explore the concepts and benefits of working on the visibility and dissemination of European youth and community projects by means of a well elaborated communication strategy and to build a strong international network of youth organizations that work with Erasmus+ projects, and it’s what happened in Dresden! By sharing our experience and exchanging ideas we managed to get know international organizations which are working in the same field as our organization and talk about future projects.

In this 7 days project we had the great opportutiny to get to know and to work on dissemination, communication and exploitation plans as good practices for the projects that we implement among our organizations. The importance of these plans its fundamental because it’s beneficial not only for the organisations but also for the target groups, the local communities and funders. In few words its give and get, it’s like a situation win-win!  We learnt how to work on these plans beacause visibility of the projects, the results of them and the outcome learning refer everybody, the funders, the organizers/organizations and target groups!

The international environment and the interaction with such different people with such interesting ideas and experience were the best ingredients for a perfect result! It was a result which is promising really good things for the future. This result was the main motivation for everybody that we can truly “Spread the world” about our projects and that it’s really worth it!