Take Initiative, 9-17/5/2016, Birmingham, United Kingdom

This Erasmus+ Training course about youth entrepreneurship brought together people from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and of course United Kingdom, for a full week in Birmingham.
The project’s main objective was to train us as youth workers in developing young people’s initiative and entrepreneurship skills, thus developing our youth work competences, increasing quality of our work and strengthening the capacity of our organisations.

The project’s structured non-formal educational programme included fostering young people’s entrepreneurship, fostering young people’s creativity, problem-solving skills, sense of responsibility and initiative, trust, confidence, knowledge of own limits and creativity as well as developing an informal network of Entrepreneurship Champions helping young people to take initiative in their lives and to grow their own ideas into action
Project activities included team-building, simulations, debates, working groups, evaluation sessions and performances as well as a site visit to Impact Hub Birmingham in order to see how a successful entrepreneurship is implemented.

Personally this training course helped me improving the level of my key competences and skills. I was able to meet interesting people, expanded my network and learned a lot about social entrepreneurship.

Demetris Demetriou