The Re-Imaginers | Short Term – Implemented

Short Term Project

8th – 27th of October 2019

Kannavia Village, Cyprus



12 volunteers joined our organization for a short term ESC project that focused on the practical implementation of all of the workshops and material. The short term volunteers implemented all of the materials along with hands-on up-cycling ideas in order to help the rural areas they were volunteering in to become more sustainable. More specifically the volunteers: Support the local communities in rural areas to be more sustainable through up-cycling. Develop entrepreneurship activities customized to the needs of the communities and of the youngsters that live in rural areas. Help the community to develop ways of being sustainable and to be more adaptable to change and crises in terms of waste management and up-cycling. Support and promote the idea of reuse and up-cycling in the community, bring in new ideas on how to develop entrepreneurial ideas through up-cycling to support the youngsters leaving in rural areas and out of employment, education and training NEET.


Our activities were based on hands-on workshops about tree planting, harvesting, intrapreneurial study visits, workshops with local practitioners (young and elder) and presentations of different practices amongst the participating countries. Project activities further focused on enhancing creativity and personal development of participants through a variety of games, role-plays, team-building activities, group discussions, brainstorming, and everyday reflective sessions.


Participants involved in this project had a strong interest in agriculture, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This project involved the participation of people facing unemployment. Young people with fewer opportunities, facing economical, geographical, social obstacles, refugees, immigrants or asylum seekers were involved.


Before the projects start, partners gathered in Cyprus in order to have an overview of the project, activities and discuss further dissemination of the project. The Advance Planning Meeting took place on June in Nicosia District.  It was essential in the meeting to make sure that all participants coming for the activity were motivated enough and ready to impact the society but also improve their personal skills and knowledge.