Their Homes Are Taken, Their Future Not Pt2

Athens, Greece

Training Course

In the mid of July  (Maria, Elena and Fatty) travel to Greece (Athens) to represent Cyprus in Erasmus plus project called “THEIR HOMES ARE TAKEN THEIR FUTURE NOT PT2” with the help of PLANBE BE IT NGO. Where we had an opportunity to meet with other participants from 7 different countries coming together to share ideas on how homelessness is growing rapidly in their countries and the reactions of government towards homelessness.

We had both practical and theoretical activities of cooking for 200 homeless people  with the help of The Love Van and distributing it to them on the streets and having a conversation with them, we then had another opportunity to visit the old book store where we met Mr. Leonidas who happened to shared his story with us on how he happened to get back on his feet when he was about to be homeless.  During the project we had another opportunity to host Ms Ioanna Vasdeki  a psychologist from an  organization of “Kαθοδόν” who shared a presentation with us on how to approach a homeless person.



Throughout the  process of the program with also had a chance to prepare 40 self-care kits with hygiene products  such as marks,pads,tooth brush, deodorants etc. and distributing it to the homeless at a particular spot in down town of Athens  where their clothes are been wash by ITHACA. Later in the evening we went to Shelia Coffee where we bought both cold and hot beverage in other to contribute to the homeless people life.

It is indeed an amazing journey that is full of inspiration and awareness to us because we have come across many amazing people in this project that enable us to experience different culture and nobs that  motivate us to do more for our community or society. Thank you  PLANBE ,PLAN  IT BE IT (sending organization) , HORIZONS FOR YOUTH (receiving organization) and to ERASMUS+ and EURODESK   for giving us the opportunity explore Europe.