Upcycle Your Life

06th-12th of October 219

Poronin, Poland

Youth Exchange




As we were driving away from Krakow towards the mountains and Poronin, the landscape was changing. We were looking at vast forests and green fields. Hotels were looking like big houses, hard to distinguish one apart from the other. Then we arrived at our accommodation and as a group had our first dinner together. People from Italy, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Cyprus, 8 from each country. Our facilitator was Kasia and our organizer Stefan who was also present. Kasia is lovely person and a great facilitator. During the first couple of days she arranged a lot of team-building activities that helped the group grow closer. After that we began focusing more on zero waste and upcycling. Being divided into multinational groups helped us grasped the current waste management situation of every country. One of the most interesting activities was having to create a company that sells upcycled items that are useful to the public. Apart from the project content, we also had the privilege of visiting Tatra National Park for a full day of hiking the mountains. This unforgettable experience was full of breathtaking views that were definitely worth the steep incline we hiked. To conclude with, we all left satisfied from this project as we had the opportunity to evolve in all 8 key competences.